Nassau, Bahamas Cruise Port

Nassau, Bahamas Cruise Ship Port

The Nassau cruise port in the Bahamas is big, with beaches nearby and plenty of things to do ashore, including Atlantis and Paradise Island. We highly recommend that you plan a shore excursion so that you can have a tour guide show you around the different parts of the city and its culture.

Nassau, Bahamas is, without a doubt, one of the best cruise ports in the world because it brings you right into the city. Most cruises to the Bahamas have departure ports in Florida that leave Port Canaveral, Port Everglades and Port Of Miami. The port schedule is usually from morning until evening of the day your cruise ship arrives at Nassau.

As you walk around, the locals will walk up and ask if you need a buggy or a taxi. This is normal, but you can pretty much find everything in walking distance to get a taste of Nassau. This is a historic old city and there’s much to learn.

Atlantis and Paradise IslandIf you’re into Atlantis, you can buy an excursion to Atlantis and Paradise Island, which a tour guide or a taxi can take you there. There are a lot of things you can do there as well. If you like to gamble, you will enjoy their casino.

Most people have heard of a place called Senor Frogs. They do have a chain in the United States, but the one in Mexico and the Bahamas are the best. While you’re at Nassau, make sure you stop at Senor Frogs for lunch or a refreshment. It can get quite loud, but there are tables away from the speakers.

This place was full of laughter and people having a good time during lunch. It’s better to be at this place than eating lunch on your cruise ship. You can walk to it from your ship.

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If you enjoy shopping, there’s plenty of it at Nassau! You can see stores for several blocks. All the stores are air conditioned, so they become a great place when you need to cool off from the hot weather.

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