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Labadee Haiti shore excursions are for guests who cruise with Royal Caribbean. It is a beautiful destination in the northern region. There are wheelchair services available. Also, it’s important to note that the map of Labadee doesn’t show everything because we had more than 15 choices of things to do on the Western Caribbean island.

It is very easy entering the island from the dock as much as you exit from your tour in Labadee. That’s if you want to leave the free food. There are several shore excursions to choose from.

However, your time is limited, so it will be difficult for you to do more than one excursion in Labadee.

For the adventure seeker who lands at Labadee In Haiti, we highly recommend the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line.

When we cruised in July of 2013 on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to Labadee, Haiti the cost of this excursion was $94, and well worth it. The approximate duration of this activity is 1 1/4 hours. The restrictions for this excursion include a height and weight requirement.

Dragons Breath Flight LineThe rider must be at least 60 inches tall, and weight a minimum of 75 pounds in order to participate. Make sure you don’t load up on too much food on the ship because there is also a maximum weight restriction of 250 pounds. During this excursion, participants soar over 500 feet above the Labadee’s breathtaking beaches at a speed of 40-50 mph.

A cruiser looking to enjoy some sightseeing and relaxation while in Haiti should book the Haitian Cultural Tour at Paradise Cove & Beach Break. This excursion cost $65 and last about three hours. There are no restrictions for this activity; however, participants should be ready for a moderate walking.

During this tour you will learn Haitian culture and spend time at an idyllic beach. One thing guest should be aware of is the when departing the boat you will have to use a ladder and exit into knee-deep water.

Haitian Cultural Tour at Paradise Cove & Beach BreakAdrenaline junkies should without a doubt book the Labadee Speedboat & Snorkel. This excursion is not recommended for cruisers with back, knee, or neck problems or woman who are expecting. Children under the age of 10 will not be permitted.

The cost of the Speedboat & Snorkel excursion is $69 per adult and $59 per child. During this activity, you will enjoy a high speed adventure in some of the waters that Christopher Columbus navigated over 500 years ago. Your mode of transportation is a 30 ft. 450 horsepower RIB boat which travels up to 50 mph. Guest who choose to snorkel on this excursion will get to view Haiti’s most beautiful reefs and famous landmarks.

These are only some of the Labadee, Haiti excursions available from the cruise ship. You can retrieve the most recent map of Labadee from the guest services counter.

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